Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Top Benefits of Salesforce You Must Know

Customer relationship management (CRM) application is Salesforce's most popular software. The application can be accessed on the internet and there is no need to maintain and support the system infrastructure. Other benefits of Salesforce are discussed in this piece if you care to read on.

Requires No Capital Investment

Salesforce works with software as a service (SaaS) model which means that you don't need to buy software and hardware systems in order to run the application. The software and services are accessed as an operation expense rather than a capital investment. You can utilize the saved capital somewhere else while you only pay a fee every month for using the software depending on the number of users you have.


Since the Salesforce applications can be accessed online, their functionality is accessible in any place with an internet connection. This is known as cloud computing and it is ideal for mobile workers, especially sales men and women on the road who need access to the CRM tool. With traditional business network, you may or may not have access to data whenever you are not working in the purview of the network.

Updates and Customization

Updating the latest functionality is easier because you will be accessing the system instead of owning it. The innovations come to you automatically and you can customize the software to meet the need of your business. There are many tools available for customization which makes the process easier.

Open Source Development

With Salesforce, you can set up new applications because there are lots of applications that are ready for installation on your system. This is called "AppExchange" and it is like having many programmers working for you to ensure improved software systems. There is a lot of innovation in this application which makes it easier for custom developers and customers to create latest applications.

International Use

Salesforce is usable internationally with tools for language translation and currency which ensure that anybody from any part of the world can make use of the software. Transactional processes are improved for international clients due to flexibility of the application.

The use of Salesforce for boosting customer relationship cannot be overemphasized. It makes the process easier and increases efficiency in workplaces. It is important to manage relationship with your customers appropriately and making use of modern, innovative software will assist you in keeping up with competition and taking your business to the next level you have always wanted it to be.

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